A Milestone of Ittefaq Group

Ittefaq Group entered the rice business with a view to achieving the objective of producing Premium quality rice. Keeping the view in mind, Rehmani Food Industries manages a strong network of supply chain from origin, belt of Punjab known for quality basmati grains. The acquired product undergoes vigilant quality control checks prior to reaching our warehouse and milling facility.

We select and match the grains with the specific originating land specifics, verifying the edges, grain length, aroma, color, moisture content and also the cooking of samples drawn randomly from each lot that comes in. After undergoing milling, processing and polishing, the finest quality basmati is achieved, then packed as per client’s requirements and/or in our brand packaging.



Quality and Purity



Customer satisfaction

Due diligence

to ensure transparency and accountability

Support and practice

good governance/ management

Coordination and collaboration

among industry stakeholders